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Joint / Muscular Pain 

Painful joints or muscles can make even the simplest task difficult, and can cause us to lose the ability to perform activities of daily living such as getting dressed with ease, walking or doing things we used to enjoy such as gardening.  


Knee and shoulder joints form the connections between bones in order to provide support and help you move.  When joints are damaged from trauma or disease, any movement can cause pain.  Also, as we age joints wear down or become damaged causing pain ranging from mild irritation to debilitating.  The most common types of joint issues stem from injury or overuse. 

Muscle pain in the back and neck may stem from Trigger Points, which are small knots that form in muscles that can also cause pain and discomfort.  Our non-narcotic pain relief treatments are designed to reduce or relieve the pain and discomfort in joints and muscles enabling you to use these areas with less pain.

Neuromuscular regeneration therapy uses electrical stimulation to provide a variety of positive effects for the entire body.  This therapy focuses on providing the following:


  • Increase in circulation

  • Pain relief

  • Nerve regeneration

  • Muscular stimulation

  • An anti-inflammatory action

  • Decrease in lower extremity swelling


Depending on your symptoms, neuromuscular regeneration therapy can provide numerous positive results. This treatment utilizes electronic pulses to reduce pain, and retrain the nerves which results in maximizing the benefit of the treatment. 

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