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Providing personalized, quality, medical care.

At Dunes Pain Relief Center, our goal is to provide exceptional medical care with a focus on non-narcotic interventional pain management.  We are dedicated to promoting wellness and a higher quality of life for those dealing with pain. Our mission is to help you return to doing those things you love with less pain and discomfort. 

At Dunes Pain Relief Center we love what we do for our patients!  We have a compassionate team with a straight forward vision of helping patients with their medical needs in order to improve the quality of life.  To do this we provide services that assist our practitioners in looking at the body system as a whole in order to increase the patient's all around health and wellness. 


We are so very proud of the accomplished, caring team we have built.  Our team members bring with them vast knowledge and a desire to build a personal connection with each of our patients while building mutual trust. Our goal is to provide you with compassionate and excellent patient care. 

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